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    Complex is the world we live in, equally complex are the points of view of each of us. Hi, I am Martina, passionate about reading and journalism, student at the Faculty of Investigation and Security Sciences. I will try to analyze sociological phenomena thanks also to the help and support of our team of students and teachers.

    Hello, i’m Andrea and i have a degree in Sociology at the University of Perugia, currently a student doubly enrolled in the Faculty of Sociology and Statistics at the University of Florence. Passionate about Philosophy, with particular attention to the analytical current.

    Interpreting reality using data while keeping the humanistic and scientific part firmly tested as far as possible. Among my interests in the sociological field, studies on science, on the relationship between language and society and on social complexity stand out.

    I am Sotis Giacomo, I have obtained the diploma of international relations for marketing and a further diploma of technical college (I.T.S.), in the marketing field too.
    It has been two years since I work as a gardener, both in public and in private fields, covering also the role of teams deputy manager and garden designer.
    I like to dedicate time to reading of yellow books with particular regard to Joël Dicker
    My interests focus on the study of human behavior and the complexity associated with it
    I currently attend a sociology degree course with a curriculum in science for investigation and safety.
    I am a curious and enterprising boy, I always try to increase my knowledge by inserting myself in the various projects that interest me the most to expand my critical sense

    My name is Raffaele Rubechini, born in 1998 in Perugia, educator in educational and cultural services in Bologna. I grew up playing fantasy and horror video games and role-playing games. I am studying to become a pedagogist and I deal with the playful-digital dimension in the educational field, with a specific attention to the precious role of video games in the daily life of children and adolescents. I create and manage educational projects and workshops aimed especially at adolescent targets or people / organizations that interface with young users in order to make the most of the educational potential that video games, in their enormous variety, offer nowadays as a bridge between learning and playing. The universe of video games, of any kind, is an integral part of my personal formation and the foundation of my professional career, I actively research in this area and I try as much as possible to create points of contact between educational environments (formal and informal) and the dimension of video games in the contexts in which I operate. In this regard, I deal with Media Education, Gamification and Storytelling techniques in educational contexts as tools that can innovate learning processes and allow training and didactic paths that are as engaging and truly active and participatory as possible. First of all, education means to me narrate and imagine, two skills that urgently need to be reconsidered and strengthened in the educational paths of the new generations.

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