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    16th ESA Conference 2024 - Call for Papers

    04 January 2024

    by CHAOS Staff

    We gladly share and report from the official ESA website: "The 16th ESA Conference will be a place to tackle tensions and trust and to discuss alternatives for social transformation. Sociologists and social scientists are welcome to submit their proposals and to join this important international scientific event. The ESA looks forward to receiving your submission! Here's the link to the official ESA website: CHAOS Staff

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    New prestigious (double) Scientific Partnership with WCSA LATAM - Latin America area - and with SFAI Global

    15 September 2023

    by CHAOS Staff

    We announce, with particular pleasure and mutual satisfaction, that we have defined a new prestigious (double) scientific partnership with the WCSA LATAM - Latin America area - and with SFAI Global that will lead to the design and realisation of studies and research, which will have a transnational scope and will be based on the fundamental systemic and multi/inter/transdisciplinary approach. The Scientific Director of CHAOS, Prof. Piero Dominici, The President of WCSA, Professor Andrea Pitasi. The President of WCSA LATAM and Chairman Executive Board of SFAI, Lord Alfredo Spilzinger

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    The Digital Mockingbird: Anthropological Transformation and the “New Nature

    25 August 2022

    by Piero Dominici

    Within a world-system characterized by processes and dynamics whose interconnections and interdependencies increase exponentially each day, we are passing through an extremely delicate and complex phase of global mutation. What we are witnessing is a radical overturn of the complex interaction between natural (biological) and cultural evolution. The ongoing paradigm shift and profound anthropological transformation create new dimensions, openings, epistemological implications that require new thinking and new thought, as well as differentapproaches and methods.

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